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Waterproof, Scratch-resistant, Refreshing, Translucent
- May 24, 2018 -

1, the form of simple

One of the main features of the minimalist kitchen is the simplicity of the form. Its expression is reflected in the fact that the kitchen design is mostly simple straight lines, horizontal and vertical, reducing unnecessary decorative lines, with a simple straight line to emphasize the sense of open space. Due to the straight-line design and the strong sense of space, people feel more comfortable and refreshed.

2, functional and practical

Speaking of simple kitchens does not mean to give way to the practical functions of the kitchen. Since it is a simple style, it will abandon all unnecessary and complicated branches in the design of the kitchen, leaving the most essential functions, except for the most basic of the kitchen. In addition to the functions of storage, washing, cooking, etc., it is difficult to find other unnecessary things. Practical tools such as knives and forks are just to satisfy the basic needs of the housewife, and not so many tools that people cannot tell how to use.

The tedious functions of the simple person are omitted, and the design of the cabinet also abandons the traditional form erected on the ground. Water, electricity and gas pipelines are hidden in the wall.

3, cold colors

Each style has its own representative color. The cold color is the representative color of minimalism. This is closely related to the origin of minimalism in northern Europe. The northern European tree species are light in color because of the cold. People’s Living comfort and simplicity, home furnishings are less decorative, simple and cold colors become a representative language of minimalism.

There are two types of wood used in simple kitchens. One is the use of solid wood without coloring, and the other is the high-grade fire-resistant board with original wood texture. The natural wood color reflects the natural beauty of the wood itself, highlights the design of the furniture, and outlines a clean and comfortable kitchen environment in a natural woody atmosphere through simple lines.

4, material diversification

Wood, fire board, and stone are the basic materials in the cabinet. In the camp of minimalism, the new darlings of postmodernism, such as aluminum, carbon fiber, plastics, high-density glass, etc., can be seen, enriching the combination of the kitchen world and many practicalities. Features such as waterproof, scratch-resistant, refreshing, translucent, etc.