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Smooth, Convenient And Safe
- May 24, 2018 -

The design and layout of the restaurant's storefronts and passages should be smooth, convenient, and safe. The interior space and seat design and layout of the restaurant include circulation space, management space, conditioning space, and public space. The seats in the restaurant are available in single, double, quadruple, train, sofa, rectangular, lover and family styles. The movement of the restaurant should try its best to make the circulation of the guests in the restaurant smooth, and the shorter the service line, the better. You should make full use of natural light to give your guests a comfortable and bright feeling, because the comfortable mood is more conducive to eating. Air conditioning systems are indispensable in restaurants because the regulation of indoor air and temperature has a close relationship with the operation of restaurants. The restaurant should also consider the layout of audio equipment according to business needs.

The space in the restaurant must be a relatively independent part. If conditions permit, it is best to open a restaurant independently. Some units are small and cannot reach an independent restaurant. For convenience, you can He is connected to the living room and can also connect him to the kitchen. If it is connected to the living room or the kitchen, we can use some soft decoration to divide it. This can make the space appear large and there can also be a relatively independent restaurant.