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Simple, Convenient, Flexible And Easy
- May 24, 2018 -

Multi-functional snack car panel is made of stainless steel plate, easy to clean, more environmentally friendly; meat oil, charcoal fire separation, no fumes, no fly ash, more healthy; internal structure design using secondary air inlet, efficient gas combustion. The body adopts double-layer steel plate heat preservation design, which has remarkable heat preservation effect and energy saving. The fuel adopts the mechanism of charcoal and the meat is fragrant and beautiful; the body can be moved and fixed. Easy to operate, convenient, photo-realistic, beautiful and generous price is not high, easy to learn will be easy, long-term free food recipes.

1. The furnace adopts a unique far-infrared heat radiation structure design, well-designed barbecue and fuel-saving position, full barbecue, no smoke and no fly ash, completely avoid the drop of oil falling into the charcoal fire when baked food, and will The traditional dry flavor of traditional charcoal is pushed to the extreme.

2, according to the characteristics of food, free to adjust the size of the fire, to ensure that all kinds of food can achieve the best grilling effect, while overcoming the traditional charcoal grill easy to bake the drawbacks of the food, and the amount of carbon can save 50% the above.

3. The furnace adopts heat storage and heat insulation design, and the heat is no longer distributed outside the furnace body. Operators do not have to endure smoke and flames. The operation is simpler, more convenient, and more flexible. When the food is baked, there is no need to flip it over and the labor is reduced. Intensity, the food is evenly heated during baking, the baking speed is faster, and the product yield is higher.