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Regular Disinfection And Cleaning
- May 24, 2018 -

In the handling process of the ice cream machine, it is not necessary to tilt more than 30 degrees. After tilting, it is necessary to put it into use for a period of time. The main concern is that the refrigerant flows back. Once the refrigerant flows back into the compressor, it will be turned on. It is possible that the compressor of the ice cream machine may be damaged. This is not a quality problem. So please do pay attention to the ice cream machine must not be placed or transported. After the power wiring is completed, the ice cream machine can be debugged. Before the debugging, please disinfect and clean the ice cream machine. Please refer to other related articles for disinfection and clarity.

After the ice cream machine is cleaned, turn on the power, open the ice cream machine switch, the digital display 00 words, press the start button (there is no discharge of the situation), this time the ice cream machine LED digital display board number will change, about About 5 seconds will hear the sound of the compressor start, and then observe whether the number on the digital tube will change upwards (if the temperature control type digital tube will show the temperature continues to change downward), when the continuous change occurs The uozhe cold system is operating normally. At this point, the machine must be shut down immediately because it will cause a freezing tank if the empty machine runs for a long time. If there is no change for a long time, there is a problem with the cooling system or a problem with the control board circuit. The most effective method to check the normal operation of the refrigeration system for the ice cream machine or digital control circuit without a digital tube is to insert the ice cream dispenser valve body (front material cartridge), remove the agitator shaft, and start the It can be judged whether or not there is a change in the temperature by running the hand directly touching the refrigeration cylinder.