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Pursuit Of Brand Quality, Taste Characteristics, Health Security
- May 24, 2018 -

With the continuous improvement of social and economic development and people’s living standards, people’s concept of catering consumption has gradually changed. Dining out has become more regular and rational, with selective enhancement. The demand for quality of consumption continues to increase, and brand quality and taste characteristics have been pursued. Hygienic safety, nutritious health and simplicity. The social needs of fast food will continue to expand, and the characteristics of consumerism and basic demand in the market will be more fully expressed. The concept of operation standardization, distribution factory, chain scale and management science of modern fast food has been widely accepted and recognized through the process from discussion to practice, and has expanded from the fast food industry to the catering industry, becoming the modernization of catering in China. Important development goals and directions. As the fresh force of the catering industry in China and the vanguard of modern catering, fast food has become an important representative force for the development of modern catering, and it has continuously promoted and promoted the entire industry, and has made positive contributions to the development of the society and the industry.

The fast food industry in China has developed rapidly. The overall operation has been sound and the market has grown steadily. The golden period of China's fast food industry has already arrived, and will be centered on Beijing and other major cities and developed regions, and will gradually spread across the country to a mature stage of development. The fast food market in 2013 can be described as hot spots. The competition between Chinese and foreign fast food companies has been upgraded. The fast food industry has maintained a good momentum of development. Many companies have begun to enter the stage of expansion.