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Food Trailer Culture
- Oct 10, 2018 -

Mobile catering trailers and mobile restaurants were first found in large cities on the east coast of the United States since the late 17th century. The production of denim and denim in Texas is the biggest reason for the birth of a dining car. In 1866, Texas, a farmer named Charles Goodnight was preparing for a large-scale cowboy market, in order to make the event alive and well, to bring convenience to the cowboys and the participants, he used the post-war US military The remaining four-wheeled carriage produced the first mobile kitchen. He bracketed the carriage's connection cover and extended it to become a cooking workbench. The main storage board of the carriage was used to store dry beans, coffee, biscuits, etc., which were preserved. After the rally, for the tired and hungry Texas cowboys, this mobile food trailer was a sacred place for them to have a good meal, and Charles was included in the Texas "Red Man History."

At the same time, another district on the east coast of the United States, Rhode Island, New England, a 17-year-old boy named Walter Scott, who sold a basket of sandwiches and coffee to the newspaper employees and male clubs who worked in the evening. Customers to earn extra money. By 1872, when the business became more and more popular, he began to use the active vehicles to take out food in the "Providence" newspaper, and the word "diner" slowly spread.


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