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Grilling Faster, Higher Yield
- May 24, 2018 -

In recent years, barbecue food has been popular all over the country and has been well received by consumers. However, traditional barbecue stoves often produce a lot of fumes and dust, which pollutes the environment and harms the health of consumers. Many cities have already started a total ban on open-air barbecues, and they joined the headquarters to seize this market opportunity, organized the equipment manufacturing experts of our group's factories, and integrated the grilling characteristics of gas-fired and electric ovens to absorb Xinjiang pit roasts. The essence, bold innovation, and elimination of new problems, in 2004 finally developed a wonderful crispy smokeless barbecue snack car, furnace body adopts independent secondary air intake, thermal cycle and heat storage radiation structure design, well-designed charcoal fire Position, can fully burn charcoal, smoke-free fly ash, completely avoid the dripping oil falling into the charcoal fire when baked food, and the traditional dry taste of charcoal grilled to the extreme. According to the characteristics of the food, it is also possible to freely adjust the size of the firepower to ensure that all kinds of foods can achieve the best grilling effect. At the same time, it overcomes the disadvantages of traditional charcoal grilling that can easily bake food, and the amount of charcoal can save more than 50%. . As the furnace body adopts a thermal insulation design, the heat is no longer distributed outside the furnace body. Operators no longer have to suffer from smoke and smoke, and the operation is more simple, convenient, and flexible. When the food is baked, there is no need to flip it repeatedly, which reduces the labor intensity. When the food is baked, the food is heated evenly, the baking speed is faster, and the product yield is higher.

After the delicious and crispy barbecued snack car came out, there were hot scenes where people competed to buy and taste. Many small investors rely on this to dig out the first pot of gold in their lives. Many franchisees purchased equipment for the second and third time to expand their operations. Based on the actual conditions and requirements of the franchisees, the Group's headquarters has repeatedly optimized the design of the furnace structure, and successfully launched a delicious multi-function combination of grilling, deep-frying (or blanching), and teppanyaki (or oden). Barbecue snack car.