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Automatic Operation Of Food Facilities
- May 24, 2018 -

Introduction to the operating characteristics of electric dining car

    Due to its high flexibility and its low cost, electric dining cars have become the first choice for small entrepreneurs. So, what are the main aspects of operating an electric dining car, its convenience, and its economy? This is a problem that Xiaobian wants to introduce with everyone today. Let's introduce this issue for everyone. Electric dining car sets smokeless barbecue, mala Tang, Teppanyaki, octopus balls as one of the multifunctional carts. It is characterized by its strong mobility and simple operation. It can be operated in schools, terminals, stations, plazas, and groups with high traffic flow. Small and convenient, small and unique, small business. In fact, this snack also has "big" inside: big name, large quantity, great advantage, great potential, snack market is bigger and bigger! Baiwei welcomes 100 customers, plus the economic benefits, convenience and deliciousness of snacks, has formed a very large consumer group. Snack carts sway the big market all the way to savor the automatic grilling of gourmet food trucks. From the perspective of market demand, combined with the Chinese dietary habits, we have introduced automatic operation of food facilities. In terms of operations, it has won the favor of investors, and has the characteristics of no need for shops, electricity, gas, and labor, etc., and has the characteristics of being free to operate. It has won the pursuit of diners while saving operating expenses. In terms of products, in addition to barbecue food, we also fully consider the needs of diners of all ages, introduce complementary foods, innovative regional cuisine, etc., taking into account the four major markets of early, middle, late, and late-night, based on the expansion of profitable space, innovative products Business ideas. Take a small and broad game and win a stable audience and wealth.