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Smokeless barbecue car is both environmentally friendly and hygienic
- May 24, 2018 -

The barbecue car is developed by celebrities from the food industry in the barbecue industry. The car can be used freely and quickly and easily. Fully functional, and grilled, fried, Teppanyaki, Spicy and many other snacks as a whole, and can be any combination, the car is beautifully designed and produced, is China's light product quality assurance center to all consumers, users recommend The product, the car is easy to use, technology is easy to learn, and formulas are provided free of charge for a long time.

Set barbecue, deep-fried, sizzling, teppanyaki in one, can be any combination, three functions:

Fried, hot, teppanyaki; four functions: barbecue, deep-fried, hot, teppanyaki. Gas,

Burning charcoal, gas-carbon dual-purpose ~ convenient and affordable, can be customized for you to meet different

Smokeless barbecue car is how to make him no smoke it, the traditional barbecue, in the barbecue process will produce a lot of fumes, causing great pollution to the environment, and smokeless barbecue car is a large-scale equipment factory professional design and production. The countertop is made of stainless steel, which is clean and hygienic. The car body is made of iron plate material. The surface is sprayed with anti-rust paint and is strong and durable. The grill body adopts a vertical (vertical) type barbecue. There are sinks on both sides of the furnace (water needs to be added). Put the meat skewer upright and put it into the oven. When the meat is baked to a certain degree, it will produce oil. The oil will be directly Drip into the sink so that it does not produce a smoky smell and does not harm the body. The smokeless barbecue car is both environmentally friendly and hygienic.