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Science and comfort
- May 24, 2018 -

The kitchen refers to the room where food can be prepared and cooked. A modern kitchen usually has equipment such as stoves (gas stoves, hotplates, microwaves or ovens), flow tables (dishwashers or dishwashers). And food storage equipment (eg refrigerators, freezers).

Looking at the evolution of the kitchen pattern in Chinese history, it depends on the development of productivity on the one hand, and on the other hand, it also depends on the local natural conditions and the living habits of residents. Through the evolution of different periods, the functionality of the kitchen has gradually become more rational.

Having a well-designed, well-fitted kitchen will make you relaxed and happy. First of all kitchen decoration should pay attention to its functionality. To create a cozy and comfortable kitchen, we must have the following points: First, the visual clean and refreshing; Second, there must be comfortable and convenient operation center: Cabinets should take into account the scientific and comfort. The height of the cooktop, the distance between the cooktop and the sink, the distance between the refrigerator and the cooktop, the choice of dishes, vegetables, cooking, and cooked dishes all have their own space. Cabinets should be designed with drawers. Third, there must be fun: For modern families, The kitchen is not only a cooking place, but also a space for family members to communicate with. The stage for leisure, crafts and green plants and other decorations begin to enter the kitchen, while breakfast tables, bar tables, etc. become more of a good idea for creating a casual space. What you can see and hear during a day of conversation is a landscape before dinner.