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- May 24, 2018 -

The restaurant refers to a facility or public dining room that provides food, beverages, etc., to the general public in an open space.

The restaurant may mean the following: Restaurant, a restaurant providing catering services; Dining Room, a room/facility that is usually seen in a residential building, sometimes connected to the kitchen or the living room.

Different kinds of restaurants have different functions.

1, multi-functional restaurant. The largest hall in the restaurant and the most complete facility with large facilities. It can be used as a venue for large-scale dinners, banquets, and tea parties.

It can be used as a venue for large international conferences, large-scale trade fairs, and festivals.

2. Banquet hall. For Chinese banquet, Western banquet hall.

3, flavor restaurant. Guests are provided with different specialties, seafood, barbecue and hotpot restaurants.

4, flavor snack restaurant. We provide restaurants specializing in pastries and snacks.

5, zero restaurant. For individual guests, there is a restaurant for individual à la carte snacks or snacks.

6, song and dance restaurant. Both Chinese and Western food, drinks and snacks, as well as music appreciation, singing and dancing activities.

7, Western restaurant. Restaurants serving American, French or Russian cuisine.

8, Mortuary. For high-consumption guests, the restaurant offers grilled food and famous wines.

9, cafeteria. Food categories are placed, guests can choose freely after entering the room with tickets; there is also a cafeteria where guests can freely choose food after entering the room and then pay the price. Food must not be taken out of the restaurant.

10. Cafe. It mainly serves drinks and coffee, and serves both snacks, western food and fast food restaurants.

11. There are garden restaurants, revolving restaurants, fast food restaurants, and group restaurants.