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Popular, time-saving, convenient
- May 24, 2018 -

A quick lunch (or meal); A snack; Fast food) Kuài cān refers to the popular catering that is provided by commercial companies for quick supply, instant consumption, and reasonable price to meet the daily needs of people. Fast, convenient, standardized, and environmentally friendly. Hong Kong and Taiwan have been translated as fast food, ready-to-eat food, etc., which are different from the lunch. The consumers' understanding of fast food is varied, and it is far more than the original meaning of the foreign language. But nothing less than these points, that is, fast food is produced by the food factory or large and medium catering enterprises processing, popular, time-saving, convenient and can serve as a staple food. Fast food has become a way of life, and as a result, "fast food culture" and "fast foodism" have emerged.

1, according to the mode of operation, the degree of industrialization can be divided into: traditional fast food, modern fast food.

2, according to dishes flavor can be divided into: Chinese fast food, Western-style fast food, Chinese and Western style snacks, other fast food.

3, according to the variety can be divided into: a single variety of fast food, combined varieties of fast food.

With the continuous development of China’s economy and the gradual improvement of people’s living standards, the time for the accelerated development of the fast food industry has matured and the market scale is expected to achieve leapfrog growth. The development prospects of the Chinese fast food industry will be even broader. China's economic growth prospects have made the Chinese market a golden growth point in the global market in the future. This also means that the Chinese fast food industry will face unprecedented fierce competition.