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- May 24, 2018 -

To make a barbecue, it is inseparable from the barbecue snack car, the traditional charcoal grill, the use of the oven is very simple, but there are many problems, such as when there is dust when the barbecue, the food above the carbon burnt taste, health is not guaranteed Wait. Now this environmentally-friendly, smoke-free grill has been implemented to achieve a new revolution in grilling technology and use. The oven uses modern technology ceramic plate insulation technology to roast food faster, no fumes, and how to use the smokeless grill technology, and its correct use of methods are inseparable.


Snack car

Snack car pictures

1. Before use, check whether the canned liquefied petroleum gas pipeline is connected and whether it can be used after being connected.

2. Pour appropriate water into the grease collection basin to maintain a certain amount of water and prevent it from drying out. If the water is dry, pull out the oven's chassis and add water.

3, open the gas valve, and then turn on the red switch on the right side of the barbecue snack car, and turn it to the left, use the igniter to light the ceramic plate, and open the oven fan.

4. Ignition confirmation: When the igniter ignites the ceramic plate, it can be seen that a bunch of flames rushes onto the combustion plate and ignites the whole combustion plate. If there is no blue light on the ceramic plate, this is not lit. Please relight until it ignites. The surface of the combustion board just began to see a thin flame, and the flame gradually receded after about 1 minute, showing no open flame and red fever.

5. After use, shut off the gas source main switch and each ignition switch.

6, clean the tray, grill, etc., keep the machine clean and sanitary.